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Trying to cover recreational vehicles with an auto policy?

A recreational vehicle (RV) or motorhome does more than just carry you from place to place; it is a home on wheels. At Affordable Auto Insurance of Jax online, our independent agents understand this unique blend of coverage and can often save you money on RV and ATV insurance. Just because some recreational vehicles are designed for playtime, your investments still need the same kind of coverage that protects your other assets. Driving and caring for a Class A motor home or Class C RV is different from your personal car or truck. Some owners make the mistake of trying to insure their recreational vehicle with a traditional policy designed for auto coverage. Our staff is dedicated to providing you with the right RV insurance at a price you can afford.

If you have a current RV insurance policy or ATV insurance coverage, we will review your existing insurance to determine whether you have the protection you need at the right price. For those who are considering or have just purchased a vehicle, now is the time to Request a Quote for cheap RV and ATV insurance. Once we know how you intend to use your recreational vehicles, we can determine your potential exposure and provide you with the most competitively priced insurance options. If you live full or part time in your RV, you may want to consider adding specialized coverage for additional risks including the loss or damage of awnings and other personal belongings.

Before you pay too much for RV and ATV insurance, get a FREE rate quote from one of our independent agents. Affordable Auto Insurance of Jax online can help you find cheap specialty policies for all your recreational insurance needs.

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