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Need help finding discounts for Lake City car insurance?

Affordable has been in business for nearly 35 years and specializes in insurance products including auto, truck, motorcycle, boat, ATV and RV motorhomes. Our experienced agents will help you identify all available discounts to help lower your premiums without losing coverage. As an independent auto insurance Lake City agency, we can get you quotes from dozens of automobile insurance companies to match your car insurance to your situation for the best possible rates.

Helping You Shop for Discounted Rates

Our experienced auto insurance professionals will review your existing policy and determine how we can save you money on your coverage; or if you are buying a new car, we will shop multiple companies for the best possible rates. If you are new to Florida, our agents can explain how PIP protects you financially for injuries suffered in any accident involving a motor vehicle. Find out for yourself why we are number one in affordable auto insurance Lake City FL.   

Lake City Auto Insurance Companies We Represent 

  • Progressive Auto Insurance
  • Gainsco Auto Insurance
  • Assurance America Auto Insurance
  • Foremost Car Insurance
  • Dairyland Auto Insurance
  • Infinity Car Insurance
  • National General Auto Insurance
  • SafeCo Insurance
  • Travelers Insurance

Don't let confusing coverage options become overwhelming when you shop online for auto insurance quotes. Our goal is to keep you covered while keeping the cost of premiums in line with your specific needs. Many of our drivers in Lake City are ecstatic about their insurance coverage since switching to affordable car insurance!

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