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Are you shopping for auto insurance in Niceville?

The State of Florida requires everyone that drives to have certain amounts of auto insurance in force. We can help you determine the appropriate coverage to protect yourself and others in case you are in an accident. As an independent agency, we always shop multiple carriers for the best rate for Niceville car insurance quotes. Let our online agents make sure you have the required car or truck insurance coverage. 

Minimum Coverage Required for Niceville Drivers

The minimum car or truck insurance coverage requirement is $10,000 Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and $10,000 Property Damage Liability (PDL). If you have been in a crash or convicted of certain offenses, the Florida DMV can request you purchase additional auto insurance coverage such as bodily injury liability coverage (BIL). If you are "at fault" for a crash that results in serious injuries, you may be required to file a certificate of financial responsibility to renew your license. Our experienced agents can help.

Car Insurance Companies We Represent in Niceville

  • Progressive Auto Insurance
  • Gainsco Auto Insurance
  • Assurance America Auto Insurance
  • Foremost Car Insurance
  • Dairyland Auto Insurance
  • Infinity Car Insurance
  • National General Auto Insurance
  • SafeCo Insurance
  • Travelers Insurance

At Affordable Auto Insurance online, we have established longstanding relationships with some of the industry's top insurance companies to provide the most competitive Niceville car insurance quotes. Submit the form below for a prompt, professional response to your needs. 

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